Bryne is an abstract Artist, and Photographer who began her career in 2013 after nearly 20 years in corporate technology. She chose to pursue art as her career after stumbling upon her motto to "live life with unbridled enthusiasm."


As a free and imaginative spirit born and raised in the deep south of the United States, Bryne was constantly harangued by friends and family to try to lead a conventional life. She witnessed much of the hidden underbelly of American society including racism, abuse, poverty, and hypocrisy. Fighting through the suppression she endured, she has been able to harness her experiences to create art that expresses who she is through vibrant color and experimental textures.

Bryne's initial works were acrylic on canvas or panel, but she has since expanded her repertoire to include mixed media, often combining acrylics, oils, papier mache, and miniatures to create "deep two-dimensional" representations of concrete and abstract ideas, often using her photographs of the obscure and mundane to inspire her in the studio.


Bryne sees art as a language open to all, reaching across boundaries. She loves how art can be whatever a person needs at that moment. Her dream is to create a space where anyone can come in, close their eyes, and feel their way through her work.


She defines herself as an artist, writer, photographer, and explorer who loves giving a voice to others through her work and hopefully, adding that little bit of creativity to a person's day and possibly encouraging their spark.